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Barney Binns' Bad Basketball Court

History of Magic and Basketball--it's a beautiful thing! Oh yeah!

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This community is for Binns!

Once upon a time there was "Harry Potter". It was, of course, not written by me, but by J.K. Rowling. She wrote a sensational book with a little History of Magic Professor in it named Binns.

Or Barney Binns.

Some Backround for First-Timers:

The Legend of Barney Binns

Little did everyone know that Binns had a secret past...as a worldwide champion basketball player! (Or, as he would say it in his little old man voice: "Beeeeasketbawl!")

It all began in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". You see, during the Dueling Club scene, Snape makes reference to the Muggle game of basketball, in which he says to Harry and Ron, "Time to split up the dream team, I think."

But remember--basketball, and the dream team, is a muggle sport. Unless there's a "dream team" in the Quidditch leauge.

So you draw the connection: Snape must be a big secret basketball fan.

Somehow he managed to infest the basketball virus in all of the other professors, too. Including Barney Binns, who has always been a basketball fan, ever since basketball was invented.

Binns and Snape became rivals in the Hogwarts Faculty Talent show, when both faced off for first prize in a one-on-one basketball game, mano-e-ghosto. Binns took the first prize, leaving Snape only with his Defense Against the Dark Arts Baketball (an evil thing, once owned by Lord Voldemort himself, it tells when danger draws near by bouncing around estatically) to comfort him. Pride bruised, Snape developed a terrible grudge against Barney Binns.

The rest is history.

So join us. Love baketball with Binns.

(Binns says, "Hi best fwend!")