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Just wanna wish you guys a good President's Day, and I have a few facts to tell you about our dear founding fathers *nat that they are true, or anything*

George Washington. Good Guy. Invented Basketball. After he cut down that cherrytree, he used his un-needed surplus of cherry baskets to make the first basketball hoop, and decided to become an orange farmer, where he got the idea to use a bright orange ball as a basketball.

Abraham Lincoln. After freeing the slaves, he built one of the first basketball courts in one of the first ghettos. His height played an important role in his secret career as a professional underground basketball player. His false name was 'Lucky Tall Guy,' and became a legend after the saying 'White Boy Can't Jump' was dedicated to him after an emberrassing defeat in which he tripped over some rougue pennies in the middle of the court, and lost to Harriet Tubman aka "The Woman Warrior Basketball Queen"
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